• Faculty staff and visitors viewed the solareclipse2017 from our roofhellip
    • This weekend Avenues celebrated with our neighbors during the ElliottChelseahellip
    • Kristen Paino presenting our LD global collaboration projects at thehellip

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    Faculty, staff and visitors viewed today's solar eclipse from our roof! One of our science teachers gave a mini-lesson on the celestial event.
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    In their Chinese immersion classes, nursery students learn about different ocean animals – and even create an ocean habitat mural: bit.ly/2wTTpwG
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An important culminating activity to the nursery students' growth and change curriculum is the annual field trip to Battery Urban Farm in downtown Manhattan.  More...

Two girls collaged and stamped by a 1st-grade girl.

it has always been a source of curiosity that children of very young ages walk in with such preconceived notions of gender; they are clearly inundated with images and ideas nearly from birth. On the other hand, while narrative pictures often seem highly gendered, there is often quite a debate in the art classroom about whether pink is a “girl color” or whether there is no such thing.  More...

Learning to play Mahjong.

In the weeklong Mahjong Master Minimester course students had the opportunity to learn Chinese Mahjong, a game deeply ingrained in Asian culture and popular around the world. More...

What could it be?

Each week, the Tigers and Butterflies engage in a phonics game known as What’s in the Bag? In this game, children are tasked with brainstorming a list of items that begin with a “clue” sound given to them by the teacher. The rules are simple; you must raise your hand, and your guesses must be appropriate for school. More...

Although this looks like a regular tree pit, it's actually a bioswale.

The science and World Course teachers for two 6th grade sections have teamed up for an exciting project that combines increased knowledge about the New York water system with community engagement and design thinking!  More...

Birding is a peaceful way to start the day, say practitioners.

It was nearly two years ago now that a small group of soon-to-be birders set out on a mission: to learn as much as they could about birding (otherwise known as "bird-watching") in the short window of time after the sun rises and the school day begins.  More...

The defense presents its case.

Should George Milton have shot Lennie Small? The 8th graders hotly debated this question in their English classrooms as part of a mock trial, the culminating event of their study of John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men. More...

Making new friends!

During the third week of April, 5th graders from Avenues traveled about two hours out of the city to Black Rock Forest for an overnight educational and recreational trip.  More...

The children notice the parsley's long stems.

As part of our pre-K health and wellness curriculum, we used the song "Chicken Soup with Rice" as inspiration to have an experience with food.  More...


Avenues 6th graders had the opportunity to hear from a special speaker earlier this year, Tonderai Chikuhwa, father of 6th grader Thandi Chikuhwa. Mr. Chikuhwa’s presentation concluded a unit in which 6th graders read Linda Sue Park’s powerful novel A Long Walk to Water, which tells the story of Salva Dut, one of the "Lost Boys" of Sudan, a refugee who covered much of the African continent on foot in an attempt to escape the violence of his country’s civil war and be reunited with his family. More...